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Southwest Research-Extension Center

Family and Consumer Sciences


Bolton, Debra J. and Charlotte Olsen (2018). Build Intercultural Relationships for Better Understanding of Your Neighbor. Extension Publication, MF 3340 and MF 3341


Krug, D., Bolton, D. J. and C. Olsen. (2018). Everyday Mindfulness. Extension publication MF 3424 and MF 3425



Community Data Portal Website: Bi-variate data from a multi-lingual study focusing on health, well-being, and social connectivity of Southwest Kansas' multi-cultural populations.  If you want to learn how to access the data for your grants and other measurements, do not hesitate to connect with Debra Bolton or Shannon Dick.  The Community Data Portal can be found at https://wkssl.shinyapps.io/cap_v0_2/


Bolton, Debra J. and Francisco M. Hernandez. (2017). Applying Global Perspectives on Fragility to Improve US Communities. Advances in Anthropology, 7, 22-33.

Bolton, Debra (2016). Essential Living Skills: Health and Wellness.

Extension Publication: SD 134


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Bolton, Debra (2016). Essential Living Skills: Essential Home Maintenance.

Extension Publication: SD 134C


Bolton, Debra. (2015). Know Yourself, Understand Others, Improve Relationships, Extension Bulletins: MF3215 and MF 3216. www.ksre.ksu.edu


Bolton, Debra and Shannon Dick (2014).  Harper County Community View Assessment

Bolton, Debra, and Shannon Dick. (2013). Finney County Community Assessment Fact Book

Bopp, Melissa; Fallon, E A.; Bolton, DJ.; Kaczynski, A. T.; Lukwago, S; Brooks, A. (2012). Conducting a Hispanic health needs assessment in rural Kansas: building the foundation for community action. Evaluation and Program Planning. 35, 453.

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Bolton, Debra J. (2011). Relationships Matter: You and Social Capital. Extension Bulletin http://www.bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/pubs/MF2992.pdf and http://www.bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/pubs/MF2993.pdf

Bolton, Debra J. (2011). Social capital in rural southwest Kansas, Dissertation



Martinez, Hector and Bolton, Debra J. (2007). Garden City: Multicultural Issues in Adult Education. Educational Considerations, v35 n1 p36-40.


Contact Information

Debra by Hayes

Dr. Debra Bolton
4500 E. Mary Street
Garden City KS 67846-9132
Phone: 620-275-9164
Fax: 620-276-6028
E-mail: dbolton@ksu.edu


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