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Southwest Research-Extension Center

Crops and Soils

Stafford County - February 10, 2010

Managing Nitrogen in Kansas Cropping Systems Soil Fertility 101

Phosphorus & Potassium

Micronutrient Management

Soil Sampling and Nutrient Recommendations

Pawnee County - February 9, 2010

Nutrient Interactions with Plant Diseases, presented by Kent Martin

Rice County - February 9, 2010

N, P, K, and Lime, presented by Kent Martin

Scott County - February 4, 2010

Fertilizing Crops, presented by Kent Martin

Barber & Pratt County - February 2, 2010

Managing Grazed Wheat, presented by Kent Martin

Micronutrients, presented by Kent Martin

N, P, K, and Nutrient Enhancers, presented by Dr. Kent Martin

Stafford County pH and Liming Meeting - January 5, 2010

pH and Liming Practices

SW Area Agent Update - December 1, 2009

The Potential for Sesame Production in Kansas, presented by Vic Martin

Soil Sampling and Nutrient Recommendations, presented by Kent Martin

Field Problems, presented by Jim Shroyer

Field Diagnostic Check List, presented by Jim Shroyer

Micronutrient Management, presented by Dorivar Ruiz-Diaz

Soil Management, presented by DeAnn Presley

The Increasing Cost of Planting a Crop - Does It Pay?, presented by Kraig Roozeboom

2010 Soybean & Wheat Weed Update, presented by Dallas Peterson

Corn and Sorghum Weed Control Update 2010, presented by Curtis Thompson

Effects of Planting Date on Winter Canola, presented by John Holman

Effects of Cover Crops in No-Tillage Crop Rotations, presented by John Holman