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Southwest Research-Extension Center

Water Management Program


>Mitigate drought with IRRIGATION!

>>Mitigate inefficiency by CHECKING your irrigation system for leaks and other issues!  Runoffs and Downtimes are Prohibited!

>>>Mitigate water loss by USING irrigation scheduling TOOLS and sound MANAGEMENT!

>>>>Remember, sometimes maximum  yield does not always means maximum profit.

Here are some resources to help you make a difference.

KSRE Resources

Mobile Irrigation Lab

Agricultural Water Conservation Clearinghouse

Kansas Water Office Resources


Water Technology Farms

field day

Learn more about each farm from the perspectives of KSRE or Kansas Water Office

The 2017 Updates as presented at the Governor's Water Conference under the session Ogallala Progress are available here

See a preview of the Water Tech Farms from above, courtesy of TerrAvion

The username and password are as follows: kswatertechfarm@gmail.com  farm123


A Must See for Producers and Managers Thinking About Soil Water Sensors


Current Projects:

Soil Moisture Sensors

Soil Moisture Sensors Study

Water Technology Farms 



Mobile Drip Irrigation



Ogallala Water CAP

Water Quality Assessment of Ogallala Aquifer 

      Download Project Summary for details

 Online Tools for Water Management

      NEW Online!    Crop Water Allocator      KanSched 3


ET Information

Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Irrigation and Water Management Resources

Recorded presentation on Crop Water Allocator during the "Managing Extended and Extreme Drought on the Farm and Ranch" workshop on January 9, 2014 at Garden City, KS (click here to view)


Contact Information


Dr. Jonathan Aguilar

Dr. Jonathan Aguilar
4500 E. Mary Street
Garden City KS 67846-9132
Phone: 620-275-9164
Fax: 620-276-6028
E-mail: jaguilar@ksu.edu