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Beef Systems

Justin Waggoner was hired as the Beef Systems Specialist at Kansas State University's Southwest Area Extension Office in Garden City. Waggoner was raised on his family's farm in central Kansas and obtained his Bachelor's (2000) and Master's (2001) degrees in Animal Science from Kansas State University. He completed his Doctorate in Ruminant Nutrition at New Mexico State University in 2007 where his work evaluated the impacts of morbidity on performance and profitability in feedlot cattle and nutrient utilization in stressed cattle.

"As a Kansas native, I am excited about the opportunity to serve beef cattle producers and county agents in Southwest Kansas."

Waggoner hopes to assist beef cattle producers in all sectors of the industry by providing them with information regarding nutritional and management strategies that improve profitability. Waggoner also intends to continue pursuing his research interests regarding the influence of nutrition and management practices on cattle health and performance.


Research Indicates Cost Savings with Anhydrous Ammonia, Distiller Grains

K-State's Justin Waggoner (pictures) explains the benefits of combining anhydrous ammonia straw and wet distillers grain.










Contact Information

 Dr. Justin Waggoner

Dr. Justin Waggoner
4500 E. Mary Street
Garden City KS 67846-9132
Phone: 620-275-9164
Fax: 620-276-6028
E-mail: jwaggon@ksu.edu