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Southwest Research-Extension Center

Crops and Soils


 “Knowledge is love and light and vision.”  - Helen Keller

The philosophy of the crops and soil extension program can be summarized in quotations from Merrill Oster, founder of the Professional Farmers of America and Alva Agee Former Head of Department of Agricultural Extension of The Pennsylvania State College.

“If you farm as a way of life, it will become expensive; but if you farm as a business it can be very rewarding way of life.”  -Merrill Oster

 “Nearly all profitable farming in this country is based upon the fundamental fact that our lands are storehouses of fertility, and that this reservoir of power is essential to a successful agriculture.”  -Alva Agee (1912)


Program Objectives

To work with producers, commodity and community groups to identify and address emerging challenges and opportunities associated with crop and soil systems in southwest Kansas and surrounding Great Plains region.

Goals of the program include the following:

  1. Integration of technology as decision support systems in the day to day farming operation
  2. Continual evaluation of the use of proven methods and technologies to address the challenges that are unique to southwest Kansas
  3. Working with producers to design on farm research to solve their own problem

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