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Welcome to the Southwest Area Extension Entomology Home Page

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Sarah Zukoff is a field crop entomologist who has a dual role in research and extension. She specializes in integrated pest management of key pests of corn, sorghum, wheat, alfalfa and cotton. Her extension efforts focus on providing farmers with sustainable, environmentally sound insect and mite pest management strategies to provide the highest yielding crops possible to feed an ever growing population. Her current research includes characterizing resistance levels among corn feeding pests to Bt toxins and insecticides as well as quantifying the effect of Bt toxin cross pollination on resistance development among major lepidopteran pests of corn.


Crop Insects of Kansas available from KSRE Bookstore

crop insects of Kansas

Title: Crop Insects of Kansas

Publication ID: S152

Description: Print only. Field guide to important anthropod pests and beneficials affecting major crops in Kansas. Descriptions, basic biology, type of damange, and notes on management practices. 154-page, spiral bound, color.

Author(s): Davis, Holly; Sloderbeck, Phil; Whitworth, R. Jeff

Publication Date: October 2010

Price: $11.40 plus shipping

Link to order form:http://www.bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/Item.aspx?catId=236&pubId=13159

Order from: orderpub@ksre.ksu.edu

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Dr. Sarah Zukoff

Dr. Sarah Zukoff
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E-mail: snzukoff@ksu.edu